OD Link Manual Calendar and AppointmentsHow do I organize my schedule and appointment slots?

How do I organize my schedule and appointment slots?

You can use the features in the OD Link calendar to organize your patient schedule.

Calendar Window

You can use the "Notes" box at the top of the calendar window to keep track of applicable notes for the day.

Appointment Reasons

The reason column can be used to organize your schedule.  The list can be customized by scrolling to the bottom and choosing "edit".  You can use this column to specify throughout the day what you would like the time slots to be used for.  This example shows "Ex" for exam appointments.  "CK" for short check appointments.  "CLC" for contact lens check appointments.  "Lunch" to indicate lunch hour.  "Rep" to indicate rep appointment.  

Once you decide how you would like your day to be organized, click on "List Appts" at the top of the window.

You will see a list view of all appointments for the day.  You can then perform a find to isolate appointments and change them.  Example:  If you would like all of your 8:00 am appointments going forward to have a "Res" of "Ex", you can then perform a find for all 8:00 appointments and change them all with a few steps.  (1) click on the toolbar icon at the bottom of the screen (sometimes the toolbar is already up at the top.  The icon will toggle between hiding it and showing it.  (2) click on "Find".

You can find on one or more pieces of information.  In this example, we will search for appointments after 06/01/2014.  All 8:00 am appointments.  For location "Was".  For Dr Smith only.  When done entering search fields, click on "Perform Find" at the top of the window.

Change one of the appointments to the slot reason you would like.  Make sure your cursor is in the box with the reason.

Go to the menu at the top and choose "Replace Field Contents"

Look carefully at the popup to make sure it makes sense.  In this example, you are going to change 25603 (1) 8:00 time slots and inserve "Ex" (2) into each one.  If that makes sense, click on Replace (3).

Repeat those steps for each time slot until your calendar is organized how you would like it.  This column can be changed for each individual appointment at any time by clicking on the column and choosing from the pull down list.