How do I use Chatty website?

Logging In

Log in to Chatty at  Type in your username and password and click "Log in."

Your username and password are in OD Link > Vendors > Chatty

The Main Page

On the main text page you can see your 2-way texting conversations, reply to your patients, mark conversations as read and unread, or hide so they don't clutter your view of other patients.

The page automatically resizes based on your browser window, so please adjust your browser to accommodate your needs, and scroll in your browser to find the following sections on the page.

The Conversations List Section (Main Page)

The "Conversations" section shows you the text messages sent from OD Link. The list is scrollable.

If a patient has replied since you last sent a text, their name/number in the "Conversations" section is yellow and at the top of the list. If the last message is from you, the name/number will be green.

1. To search for the conversation with a specific patient, start typing in the "Name Search" text box and Chatty will show you only the patients whose names match.  When using "Name Search," Chatty only searches the conversations currently loaded on the page.

2. To search for the conversation with a specific phone number, type the whole phone number into the text box and hit <return>.  Chatty will search the whole database for a conversation with that number and display it in the Conversation Area.

3. Clicking on the name or phone number brings the conversation to the foreground in the "Conversation with <name> - <phone>" area.  

4. Clicking on the 'x' removes that name/phone number from the "Conversations" list. 

Clear a List of Read Messages

Clicking on the multiple "x" button will remove the list of read name/phone numbers from the "Conversations" list.

The Conversation Area (Main Page)

The "Conversation" area displays the 2-way texting conversation with the patient selected in the Conversations List section.

Each message is displayed whether sent by OD Link, sent by you within the Chatty Web Portal, or sent by the patient.  Messages from you are labeled "Sent:"; messages from the patient are labeled "Received:".  Messages are shown with the date and time they were sent or received.

The most recent message is at the bottom.  The Conversation area is scrollable.

1. Click the yellow flag icon to change the name/phone in the "Conversations" list to unread (yellow).

2. Click the pencil icon to edit the name associated with the phone number and conversation.

Send a Text Message (Main Page)

Send a message right from the Chatty Main Page.

1. Enter the patient's phone number in the "Patient phone number" text box.  This will also refresh the conversation with the patient in the "Conversation" area.  Hitting <return> in the phone number box will search the whole database for that phone number and show the conversation.

2. Type the message you want to send to the patient in the "Message to send" text box.

Type enter or return on your keyboard to send the message.  It will then appear in the "Conversation" area of the Main Page.


Five standard text reply messages can be stored at the bottom of the Chatty website.

1. Click the pencil to write a custom reply text message for your office (like your office hours).

2. Click the "+" button to add the message to the current "Reply to patient" content box.

Note: If you already have a message typed you can also append a QuickText. You'll want to type in a space before clicking the "+" button.

Using Multiple Computers

You can have multiple computers logged in to your Chatty Professional Texting account at the same time.  

You can see all conversations, up to the moment, on all of them, including messages sent from OD Link, messages sent from other Chatty sessions, and messages sent by the patient.  The Chatty Website makes this happen in real time.

Changes to the "Conversations" list, such as marking a conversation unread or hiding a phone on the "Conversations" list will only happen on another computer that is already logged in to your Chatty Web account when the other page is refreshed.

If you need to have more computers simultaneously logged in, please contact the OD Link staff.

Chatty Account settings

You can see your Account settings (username, texting phone number and monthly texting volume) under Account in the upper right corner.

Great Features in OD Link!

Automatically send reminders for an entire day straight from OD Link via Chatty in the "Calendar" view.

Automatically confirm all patient replies to appointment confirmations, right from the OD Link "Calendar" view.

Send recalls straight from OD Link via Chatty.