OD Link Manual Frame InventoryHow do I keep track of my frame inventory?

How do I keep track of my frame inventory?

Click on the Frames tab

This is your list of existing frames (if any).  

Click on the find icon to get a pop up window that will help you perform finds.  You can find on any of these fields.  So you could search for how many frames were sold in a certain time frame from a certain vendor or manufacturer.

To add new frames to your inventory

OD Link has a section at the top of the frames window where you can enter your formula before you add a frame.  That way, OD Link will figure the selling price of that frame for you based on what you paid for the frame.

If you click on the add button (+) at the top, you will get a new blank entry for your new frame.  OD Link assigns the next frame number.  You have to type in all the rest of the information. If this is a duplicate of a frame you already have in your system, use the Duplicate button instead.  This will duplicate the frame and assign it a new inventory number.

You can click on Bar Code to print a label for your frames.  Dymo printers work great for this.