OD Link Manual Set Up for New UserAdding and working with doctors

Adding and working with doctors

Below are some basic instructions however we recommend calling OD Link for help with adding or changing doctors.

Click on Preferences and then User details

Click on Add User and then Add

Click on Dr

Click OK

When you add a new doctor to OD Link, that doctor will automatically be added into the associates list.

Fill out the Add Dr window

(1) Name needs to be how you want it to appear on a hcfa form.  Do not use any periods.  

(2) Initials needs to be 2 characters and unique for each Dr.  This is how you will appear on the calendar.

(3) # indicates the order the doctor appears on the doctor list and in the calendar list.  

(4) enter Dr's state license #

(5) Enter the doctor's individual NPI

(6) enter information how you would like it to appear in box 33 on the hcfa form.  Instructions are directly below about what to enter in this box.

(7) You can scan a doctor's signature and insert it into this space and it will show up on RX's that you print.

(8) UPIN is not required in most states.

When done, the doctor will show up in the doctor list in the preference window

Additional Doctor fields

Click on the detail box next to the doctor's name and you can drag and drop or copy and paste a doctor's signature into the signature box if you would like it to automatically print on RX's instead of having the doctor sign each one.