How many patients?

How do I find how many PATIENTS have xyz insurance or live in a zip code or any other combination?

1. Toggle open additional tools (very bottom left)

2. Click Find

1. Enter find requests.  You can search for anything and any combination.  In the above example, you are searching for patients who have vsp and live in the zip code 84018.

2. Click "Perform Find"

In this example, you are searching for all patients who had exams in 2017.  Remember, this will return a number of patients.  If a single patient has more than one exam for the year, you might want to perform this search in the exam window for the exact number of exams for the year (example of this below).

This is an example of performing a find in the exam window for a specific date range.



Number of found records will show in the toolbar at the top.  Or in the window (blue arrow).