How do I send claims electronically?

See this lesson for information about creating a claim.  Once you have claims created, this lesson shows you how to send them.

Steps to send one single claim electronically. (Instructions below to send batch of claims).

Steps to send one single claim electronically. (Instructions below to send batch of claims).

Go into the transaction date that you would like to send one claim for.

Click on the claims window button in the claim line you would like to send.  So in this example you want to send a claim to Medicare.

The claims window opens up.  This is where you can check everything and make changes before sending the claim.  This window will show you what information is going electronically for this claim.

In this window you can scrub your claim to have OD Link help you find errors.

You will get a pop up either letting you know there are no problems or a pop up letting you know there are problems.  Then you have the choice to "scrub all" which does not apply in this case since you are only working with one claim.  "Continue" would take you back to the claims window to keep working on it.  "Fix Now" takes you to the claim to fix the issues.  When sending one electronic claim choose "Continue" or "Fix Now".  Both of those take you back to the claim to work on it.

You will see a list of errors to fix.  You can fix most of those in this window.  There may be some you want to fix in the patient screen (use patient button) or transaction screen (use transaction button).  In some cases, the errors turn red so you can see what is wrong.

When done fixing errors and ready to send.  (1) check method of sending claim.  Then click on (2) Submit.   If it's set to paper, the claim will print when you click on "submit".  If set to "web" or "fax" or "phone" the claim will simply insert a date in the sent field.  If set to "electronic" OD Link will create an electronic file that you can send to Apex.  

To send a batch of claims:

To send a batch of claims:

To send a batch of claims click into the claims window by using the claims button from the home screen or the claims tab at the top of any screen.

This is your claims window.  When entering the window you will automatically get a list of all claims that are available to send.  This will be all claims you have created in the transaction window that have not been marked sent in any way.  At the top of the window is a field that keeps track of batch # (1).  Depending on which version of OD Link you have, this will advance for you each time you use a batch and then enter this window the next time.  If you have an older OD Link, you may have to keep track of what batches you use and which one should be next.  Make sure method is set to electronic (2).  This window automatically sorts by insurance name.  If you want to sort any other way you can right click on any field and sort.  For example, you might want to sort by date so you can deal with the older claims first.

To create a batch click on the + button in the batch column.  You can pick and choose which claims in your list you would like to batch together.  You can send up to 20 claims in each batch.

In this example, we show four claims we chose to create batch #8.  Once you are done batching claims, click on scrub/send button to the right of one of those claims.  This will start the process of scrubbing your entire batch.

You will be given the choice to "no scrub" (this will just prepare claims to send without looking for errors).  Or "scrub claim" (this will scrub just one claim).  Or "scrub batch" (this will scrub entire batch.  Most offices use "scrub batch" to find errors on all claims in the batch.  

If you choose scrub all, you will see a list of all claims in the batch in the background and a pop up letting you choose what to do next.  "Scrub all" will go through all claims in the batch. "continue" will also keep scrubbing all claims in the batch.  "Fix Now" would stop scrubbing and let you fix the one claim you are looking at.  Most offices choose "scrub all" so OD Link will scrub the entire batch.  You will be given a chance to fix any errors before sending.

From there you will get the choice to "stop" if you want to stop scrubbing.  "problems" if you want to look at the claims and fix the problems. "Submit" if you want to go straight to submitting them without looking at them.

If you choose "problems" you will be taken to a list of all claims.  In the scrub box you will see all errors OD Link found.  You can scroll through this window and fix errors.

When done, click on Send Electronic at the top of the window.  OD Link will create a file to send your claims electronically to Apex.