OD Link Manual Getting StartedBasics for a new user in 10 min

Basics for a new user in 10 min

Every OD Link user should know how to add a Patient, make an appointment, and create a Transaction.  In addition see this lesson for information about how to work with and search for data in OD Link.

Home window

Click GUIDE (or the OD Link icon) to see an explanation of symbols used in OD LInk.

Click "?" for help (top right) or the on-line manual is at help.odlink.com.


Guide to tabs and icons

Every OD Link user should know how to use the 4 most common windows.

(1) PATIENT - current demographics and prescriptions, one record per patient

(2) CALENDAR - maintain appointments for the office

(3) TRANSACTIONS - you get the most recent transaction for that patient

(4) FEES - things you sell


TIME- employee time keeper

EXAMS- you get the most recent exam for that patient

CLAIMS- list of claims not yet submitted

New OD Link user may want to start with "less details" on the screen (up/down arrows in the top right corner of the main windows).  Most users quickly switch to "More details."  Indicated in the above picture by the red rectangle.

More about the GUIDE

(1) Add a PATIENT (contains current demographics and prescriptions)

Click "Similar" to duplicate the commonly shared information like address, phone and insurance. Then make changes as needed.  Or click "Blank" for a new blank record.

How to add a patient (53 sec video)

(2) Add an appointment to the CALENDAR

(3) Add TRANSACTIONS / ITEMS (things you bill, like exams, frames, contact lenses)

If you are in the Patient Window, click on "Create Transaction."  If you are already in the Transactions Window, click  the green "+" add button to create a new transaction.

Add TRANSACTIONS / ITEMS (42 sec video)

A few more basics ....

OD LInk can find almost any set of search results you can dream up. The find icon will show the most common find request.  In this example, find a PATIENT by name or number.  You can enter the first few letters of the first and last name then click OK (or press ENTER on the keyboard).



In TRANSACTION the most common things you will print are shown when you click the print icon:

Rx for glasses and/or contacts

Purchase Order that you can fold to fit in a lab tray

Receipt for the patient


Most windows have a "List" view  vs "Detail" view toggle button

(1) The Detail view button is on the left and the List view button is on the right.  In this example, the light blue outline shows that your are in the LIST view.

(2) Click the Detail icon on the left of an entry in the list to show the detail (in this example one PATIENT vs a list of PATIENTS).