OD Link Manual Getting StartedSetting up developer access

Setting up developer access

Remote access allows OD Link to access your computers when needed.  We recommend setting up unattended remote access which would allow us to access your computers after hours or without your staff sitting at the computer.  All of the options we use for remote access are HIPAA compliant including, TeamViewer. Be sure to use the OD Link version of team viewer by clicking the link below.

Team Viewer

Download the file from http://get.teamviewer.com/odlink1   Run the file.  Team Viewer is free for our users.

Click "Next"

Choose "Company/Commercial"

Accept the terms

Setup unattended access

Click "OK" when done.

If you want access to your computers from home and you are not using the OD Link cloud you can sign up for a free trial with splashtop (or similar)