OD Link Manual Patient PortalOD Link Patient Portal

OD Link Patient Portal

Works with all major web browsers except Fire Fox.

The patient can enter or update their demographics and make an appointment

Existing patients that register only see basic demographics until their record is "synced" with their existing record

When the patient clicks "Make or change appointment" they see a list of available appointments

The next 50 available appointment slots are automatically shown. Any slots clicked "Out" or "Lunch" (on the left of the calendar "Res") are not shown on the website. Patients can click filters at the top to isolate the next available appointment from a day of the week

The second page allows patients to add meds as well as sign-off on the office disclaimer

The PATIENT and staff will receive a confirmation email

If the PATIENT clicks "I have been in the office before" the staff will need to sync their original PATIENT file.

You can also "Find New Dups" anytime

You can also click "Sync Dups" at any time

Sync the newer info with the older record

If there is an appointment sync it to the old record

Delete the duplicate (newer) record or click no to compare and then delete the new record manually

Fix more than two duplicate records or duplicates that don't sync

If there are more than two duplicate records isolate the third record. Then disassociate any linked EXAM or TRANSACTIONS by changing the patient number in the EXAM or TRANSACTION file to the patient number you want to keep before you delete the third PATIENT record (RECORDS at the very top > Delete Patient)

Try "DOB only" and if you find the other record change the first name to match and then run the sync again. It also possible that the DOB was entered incorrectly. Just fix the DOB and run the sync.

If you can't find the duplicate patient record delete the warning by clicking  the "x"

Add a portal to a PATIENT

Make sure there is 1. email address and 2. password then click "Web" on the right side of the PATIENT window and 3. click "Add Pt to Web"


If the patient has a portal you can see it by clicking Pt Web Detail

Appointments made by patients on the web show "Web" on the right side of the calendar

Patients specify an appointment reason when they make the appointment