OD Link Manual Patient Screen and DemographicsAssign a patient portal when making an appointment

Assign a patient portal when making an appointment

When you make an appointment and confirm with email or text. Click YES to create a portal

Assign or create a  password

1. Text the password if needed. OD Link will create a second text message with the patient password.  2. Send the conformation.

Reason for visit - 2 (OD Link Server)

If you text the patient their password you can edit the message in a separate window

Inbox (7,445 messages, 192 unread)

Portal Page

The calendar shows how and when the patient signs the disclaimer/HIPAA form

1. Shows how the patient signed the entrance form (paper, ipad or web). Red color indicates it was signed over 30 days ago. Touch the method (paper, iPad or web)  to show the exact date.

2. Who made the appointment. "WEB" indicates that the patient made their own appointment.

3. Date the appointment was made