How do I use My Codes?

My Codes is an additional way to enter items into a transaction using a short code you assign to your most common items.  This is not the most common way to enter fees into transactions.  This is an additional option if the other options don't work well for your office.

In the Fees/Items Tab

In the My Code field, enter a unique value for this item.  Example would be "Ref" for refraction 92015.  Or "NewEx" for New patient exam 92004.

Transaction screen

In the transaction screen click on the "My Codes" tab to show a different view of the transaction screen

My Code View of Transaction

Once you are in My Code view, start typing the my code that you entered into the fee.  In this example, if you type "Ref" and tab over or you will see a list of items and you can choose "Ref" to enter a refraction.