OD Link Manual Items (things you sell) and FeesHow do I customize my Add-On list?

How do I customize my Add-On list?

In the Transaction window

In the transaction window, there is a section to build a pair of glasses.  The Lens Add On section is circled above.  You can choose add on options from the pull down and it will charge the patient in the line items and it will also add that extra to the job ticket in the middle.  You can customize this pull down list to include your choices for add ons.  Follow the steps below.


Click on the Fees Tab.

In the search box, search for the fee you would like to attach to your add on list.  Then click on the blue detail button next to the fee.

You are now in the detail view for this fee.  Click on the Lens Add On tab.

Type something into the Name field to have this fee included in your pull down list of add on fees in the transaction window.

You are building your add on list as you enter items into this Lens Add On tab.