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How do I summarize multiple receipts?

How to create a report for multiple transactions.  You can use this for one person or for a family.  You can choose the date range and which transactions you want to include in the report.  The totals will print at the end.  

Find the patient you would like to create a report for.  If you are working with a family, you can be in any family member.  Go into any of their transactions.  Then choose Bill/Receipt.

At the top of the Bill/Receipt window choose "Totals with Options".

You can choose "Account" if you would like to include all family members or "Patient" for just one person.

If you would like a report of all transactions for this patient or family, you do not need to enter any dates.  Just choose "All".  If you would like transactions for a certain date range, enter the dates you want and choose "Dates".

You can choose to see all transactions or only those with a balance due.

From this window you can use the arrow buttons (1) to scroll through the report.  You can save as a PDF (2) or print (3).  You can cancel or continue (4) to get out.  

The end of the report will have the totals for all categories.