OD Link Manual TransactionsHow do I run credit cards with OD LInk?

How do I run credit cards with OD LInk?

Set up an account and turn on "Process Credit Card" (toward the bottom)

Call or email OD Link support to set up an account.  There is no contract.  You will also need a USB swiper plugged into your computer.

In Transactions, click the credit card icon

Either swipe the card or enter the card info manually then click "Sale"

If there are problems with the card, you will be notified

If there is no valid transaction ID you may also see this dialog

If this happens you need to delete the payment and try again with a different methos

1. Click the payment detail button

2. Delete the payment with the trash can icon

The transaction is stored in "Payments"

Access PAYMENTS on the left side of TRANSACTIONS

To VOID (same day) or refund (different day)

Click on the Void/Refund button.

Choose VOID or REFUND. Void would be for a card you ran today.  Refund would be for a card you ran on a different day.  You can also void/refund using your authorize.net account instead of doing it through OD Link.

To Refund or void using authorize.net

Log into your authorize.net account to process refunds or voids.  Do a search for the transaction you want to void/refund by using the transaction ID.  When the transaction comes up you will be given the choice to void or refund depending on the day.  Note the transaction ID for the void/refund when you're done.  Go into OD Link and record a negative payment in the credit cards.  And then make sure you enter the transaction ID.

Balancing credit card transactions

You should be running day sheets frequently and balancing credit card payments on the day sheet with the close-out that authorize.net sends you.  At any time you can check transactions in OD Link against authorize.net amounts.