How do I post insurance payments?

Post payments from an insurance EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from the Transaction Window.  Post a payment for one patient with three scenarios:  accept the payment, accept the payment and resubmit to a secondary insurance provider, or accept the payment and bill the patient.

To see a lesson on how to post insurance payments for multiple patients on one check, please see "How do I post insurance payments for multiple patients on one check ?"

Transaction Window

Click the "EOB" button.

EOB Window

1. Billed Amount and Insurance Credit will auto-populate for you.  

2. Enter Deductible, Copay, Coinsurance and Payment according to the EOB. (If you have a copay entered in this patient's insurance field, it will auto-populate in co pay field for you.  You can keep that or click into the field to change it according to what the eob says.)

3. Enter any notes you want the patient to see.  These notes will show up on statements you print for the patient.  The checkbox set has the most common choices.  If you want to type something custom, you can click on "Notes to Patient" tab.

4. If this payment from insurance was made by Direct Deposit or Credit Card, you can indicate it here.  If this particular insurance ALWAYS pays you by direct deposit, you can go into the insurance tab and mark direct deposit for this particular insurance and this field will always auto-populate for you.

5. Make any notes about this payment.  These are not notes to the patient but notes you may want to make for yourself.

6. Choose an action.  "Accept" is simply accepting the payment and if there are any amounts in Deductible, co pay or coinsurance fields, those will push to the patient responsibility.  "Accept/Resubmit"  gives you a chance to bill any amounts in deductible, co pay or coinsurance to a second insurance.  "Bill Patient" helps you figure out what to bill to the patient if you haven't already filled out deductible, co pay or co insurance and you need additional help figuring out what the patient owes.

If you make any changes in the EOB window that changes what the patient balance was previously, OD Link will check to make sure you want to change that balance.

Return to the Transaction Window

Notice the payment information is updated.  Payment is posted under "Insurance" payment and along the Claim line.

Or ... post payment and create a secondary claim (make sure the secondary payer is entered in the Patient Window)

1.  Post the payment.

2.  Enter any EOB information.

3.  In this example, click Accept/Resubmit to send to another insurance provider.

Choose the insurance provider to resubmit to

Choose whether you want the payment amount from the primary eob to show in box 29 for this new claim to the secondary.

Return to the Transaction Window

The secondary insurance claim is created and the primary insurance payment is posted.

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