How do I set up my ipad?

Open up the App store and search for "filemaker"

You may get more than one choice.  Go ahead and download any Filemaker choices you get.  Examples would be "Filemaker 15" or "Filemaker 16".  It will be the word "Filemaker" followed by a number.

Open up the App

Click on "Host"

The ipad will search for available hosts

If your ipad is in your office and you have a host or server then the app should be able to see that and find them as a local host.  Make sure the ipad is on the same internet/wifi as the host or server.  Click on the host if it comes up and then click on the code file. If you are cloud-hosted by OD Link, you will have to call us to set up the host.  We will have you click on the plus + sign to add a host.

We can help you enter a host address and name.

See this additional lesson about using the ipad with patients.

How do I use the ipad for patient registration