OD Link Manual Items (things you sell) and FeesHow do I find, edit or add to my contact lens FEES?

How do I find, edit or add to my contact lens FEES?

Make changes to existing contact lenses in items or Fees tab

Edit your office's custom pull down list of contact lenses

Enter contact lenses in TRANSACTIONS with one click (no code) or search on a key word

Find Contact Lenses in ITEMS or Fees tab

Find Contact Lenses in ITEMS or Fees tab

Find your contact lens list by clicking on Fees or Items tab (1).  Then Show by Category (2).  Then Contact Lens (3).  Then All Contacts (4).

Please note DO NOT change the code column but you can make changes to any other column.

Go to the detail view of the specific item

You can get to the detail view of any item by clicking on detail button to the left of the name or clicking on detail button at the top of the window.  You can change fields in detail view or in list view.  Such as price.  

The "Contact Lenses"  tab lets you add this lens to your pull down favorite list

Enter a value into the Lens list (blue arrow) to include this lens in you office's pull down list of favorites.  Or if there is a contact lens you do NOT want in your pull down go ahead and delete the entry that is already in this field.  If this is a new quantity of an already existing lens make sure you choose that same lens from the pull down rather than creating a new entry here.



In Transactions click + to enter lens into transaction. Click "Trial" to enter a trial lens with no charge into the transaction.

In this case the + was clicked and Acuvue Oasys was enteredinto the transaction.

In this case the Trial was clicked and Trial Lens was entered into the transaction with no charge.

In this case the + was hit and there are to available quantities so you get a pop up allowing you to choose which quantity you want to sell the patient.

If the + button does not work you can search for it by clicking "ITEMS" or "FEES"

Enter a key word, then press ENTER or TAB.  Key word can be name, code, cpt, price, etc..  

Once you find the item you want, click the + button to add it to your transaction.

Optional "AKA" allows you to use an old or custom code for this item

Enter your own acronym in the blue box to create a pull down list in your transactions of most used items.

In the transaction window, click on the My Codes tab (1) and then use the my codes pull down list (2) to search for your custom item codes.  

To enter a new contact lens

If this is a new lens that is similar to an existing lens, find that existing lens and then click on + to duplicate it and make changes.  If it is a brand new lens like no other click on + and choose blank for a brand new blank record.

A unique code will be created.  You can also enter your own but make sure it is unique.

Then make changes to the record as needed.