OD Link Manual Reports (non financial), Finding Records and Flagging RecordsHow do I manually find data with no assigned reports?

How do I manually find data with no assigned reports?

In OD Link , a find can be performed on almost anything you can dream up!  

Click the tools icon in the bottom left corner of any screen to show more tools at the top of your screen

Click here for more instructions on how to create most any report

You will see a toolbar at the top of your screen with tools to help you create and organize data.  "Show All" button will show all records.  Use the find button to search.

Find mode blanks your screen and lets you search in any field.

In find mode, you will see additional tools.  Include/Omit helps you include or omit data from your search.  

Operators give you more things you can enter into fields to help your search.  

Use "Perform Find" when done entering your search parameters.

1. In this example the transaction window is open.

2. Click on the detail button

Transaction List View

In this window you can organize, perform finds and isolate data several different ways.

Right Click on any field

One option is to right click on any field.  You will get a menu of choices.  

1. You can use "sort ascending" or "sort descending" to sort any column.

2. You can use "find matching records to pull a list of any records that match your selection.

3. You can use "constrain found set" to isolate a value.  Constrain found set works to isolate a value from the list you are viewing.  For example, you might want to right click on a specific date and "constrain found set" to view only transactions for a certain date.  Or you may want to view transactions created by a certain employee so you could right click on that employee's initials and use "constrain found set" to isolate just transactions for that employee.  Example of this below.

Only the transactions created by "CB" are now in the list.

Works in any list view.  

For example click on "Reports" and then "Statistics" (items you sold)

Stats Window

Stats Window

Click the "Find" icon to get some options.

Or perform a manual find

Or perform a manual find

Or click on "Find" and search for anything you would like in the window.

In this example we search for May 2016.

Search Result in Stats

Search Result in Stats

Just like you can in any OD Link window, you can use right-click on any field to sort, find matching, or constrain data. 

There are additional tools at the top to help you summarize and organize your data by categories.  

For example, "Primary Category" give you results broken down and totaled by category.  Summarize by code would break this down even further by individual CPT code.

Calendar searches

Calendar searches

To enter calendar list view use the "List Appts" button.

You can make changes to lots of records in this window rather than clicking on each day in the calendar and changing.  For example, you decide you do not want any Monday appointments at 8:00 am for a specific doctor.  You could search for those specifically by searching on three fields as shown above. (1) day of the week (2) time (3) doctor.  

This would return a list of all Monday 8:00 appointments for a specific doctor.  Once you have the list pulled up you could use (1) "Delete All!" to simply remove them.  You might want to use right>click and (2) sort descending to make sure there are no patients currently scheduled in any of the slots.  This is faster and easier than scrolling through the entire list to see if any patients are scheduled.  If you find any scheduled appointments, you could use the  (3) omit button to remove them from your list but not delete them from the calendar.  Then continue to use "Delete All" button to delete the remaining empty slots.

Maybe you decide you would like to change all of your 8:00 am appointments to 8:05.  First use the above instructions to pull a list of all 8:00 appointments.  Then change one of them in the list (1) then use Records>Replace Field Contents (2) to change the entire list from 8:00 am to 8:05 am.

Once you find the records you are looking for, you may flag them so that you can easily pull them up later.  Click below for a 2 min video (no sound)