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Calendar this year vs next year

When in the OD Link calendar the month buttons will take you to the current month and current year.  So pushing the January button would take you to the current year and January's calendar.  Toward the end of each year you may want to switch this default so that pushing January would take you to the January that's coming up in the next year.  Most likely when you push January you don't mean to go backwards to the past January but you are wanting to look at the upcoming January.  Below are steps to make this switch.

In the calendar, click on the "Detail" button.

Once in detail view you will see the above buttons giving you the choice for "This yr" or "Next yr".  Clicking on "Next yr" will make it so that the calendar goes to the next year when you click on one of the months.  This will set the default for this one workstation for as long as OD Link is open on this computer.