OD Link Manual Patient Screen and DemographicsHow do I track and thank referred patients?

How do I track and thank referred patients?

Send a thank you letter for a referred patient

In the patient window, click on the "Referred" tab.  This window is where you can track who referred this patient or who this patient referred.  You can also keep track how this patient heard about your office and promotion codes used if this is applicable to your office.

Enter a referred by name in the first and last name boxes then click on the link symbol.  A box will pop up and ask if you want to find that patient in your patient list.  

If that patient is in your patient list they will be pulled up (1) and you will be asked (2) if you would like to add the new patient (Barney Rubble) into Fred Flintstone's list of patients he referred.

You can then choose if you would like to send a thank you letter to your patient.

This is a sample thank you letter.  You can add a personal note by clicking in the P.S. section.  This layout can be customized.  Call OD Link for help.  You can email or print from this window.  

The newly referred patient is now in your existing patient's referred list.  The date is automatically populated.  You have the option to access and send the thank you letter at anytime by clicking on the "Thanks" icon (1).  The "show all" (2) button will show all referrals for all patients and you will be able to quickly print and send referral letters for an entire list of referred patients.