OD Link Manual Patient Screen and DemographicsHow do I use OD Link's Task System?

How do I use OD Link's Task System?

When you log onto OD Link, you will see your task list showing only your tasks and only the tasks that are not completed yet.  To view all task for all employees and any status click on "All Tasks".  To add a new task click on +Tasks.

Clicking on +Tasks enters a new task line at the bottom.  You can quickly type in who the task it for, the date and a short description of the task.  To open it up and type in more detail you can click on the blue detail button.

All Tasks

Click on the (1) "Assign To" field to filter tasks to a single employee.  Or click on (2) "All" button to see all tasks.

Patient Window Tasks

In the patient window you can add tasks for that specific patient.  You can see a list of recent tasks no matter who they are assigned to.  You can click "D" to complete a task.  Or click on the blue detail button to view more details about that task.