Patient Portal

Works with all major web browsers except Fire Fox.  

New patients can register on your website. Patients that have been assigned a username (their email address) and a password  can fill out entrance forms, make or change their appointment,  signature off on your disclaimer and HIPAA. Your portal can be configured to allow patients to download files (like their prescription), or upload files (like an image of their insurance card).

To add an existing patient to the portal

Make sure there is (1) email address and (2) password.  Then click "Web" tab in the patient window and (3) click "Add Pt to Web". OD Link can also be configured to help the staff quickly register patients when they are making an appointment by phone. Here are screen shots that show how that works.

If the patient has a portal you can see it by clicking Pt Web Detail

Clicking on the PT Web Portal button will show you the patient email and password.  If at anytime the patient asks you to help them change their email or password, you need to change it in OD Link on the patient screen and also change it in this pop up for the patient portal.

1. Accessed- "New" registration vs " Return". The record was registered by 1-Mac computer, 2-Windows computer, 3-iPad, 4-iPhone, 5-Android. Many patient re-register year after year instead of saving their login information

2. Created on "Phone" vs "Computer" clicking the button shows what the patient sees on their device

3. Created By- who created the login record. "login"-by the patient on the web "delete" by staff in the office, or the staff username may be listed

4. Modified by- "Web Direct"- website or in office username

After the patient logs in they can enter or update their demographics, 1. make or change an appointment. 2. Change their email or password

OD Link can be customized to allow patient to upload their insurance card or other files or pictures. Another option is to allow the patient to download their prescription.

Existing patients that register only see basic demographics until their record is "synced' with their existing record

When the patient clicks "Make or change appointment" they see a list of available appointments

The next 50 available appointment slots are automatically shown that the patient can select from. Appointment slots marked OUT or LUNCH are filtered out. Other appointment types can also be filtered out. When the patient  clicks "select" they will also be asked to record the reason for the appointment. Patients can filter available appointments by the day of the week.

Appointments made by patients on the web show "Web" on the right side of the calendar along with the reason for appointment

The Disclaim Privacy Policy is available

The patient and staff will receive a confirmation email

If the patient logs in on a phone they see a window with tabs to enter the same information.

If you choose not to allow existing patients to register themselves consider having the staff offer to register patients that don't have a portal when they are making an appointment. Here are instructions.


If you allow existing patients to register themselves, you can "Find New Dups" anytime from any computer

See this lesson for help working through syncing existing patients that register themselves on your website.