OD Link integrates with Dr First to e-Prescribe and manage patient's medications, allergies and problems.

Launch the Dr First window

Either by clicking ePrescribe in the exam window or by clicking any of these places in the Problems/Meds/Allergies tab.

Customize Dr First

Once you are in Dr First, click on Options to customize Dr First for your practice.  Please do NOT change your user name/password.

Favorite prescriptions used by the office

Entering favorite prescriptions that you use frequently will save you time.  Find the drug then click create.

Enter the specifics that you commonly use then click continue.

Click create to add to your favorites list.

Add medications into OD Link that may already be in the patient's database

This option may save time, as well as improve accuracy

1. Click "PbmHx" top left of the screen (not shown)

2. Obtain New Data

3. Check the drugs you want to include

4. Click "Add Selected"

5. Click Done at the top of the window to return and sync these medications to OD Link

Add additional medications

Click "Manage Meds" to add medications to the patient's database.  Any medications your office adds will only be seen by your office.  Dr First keeps the official medication list for patients based on what they fill through a pharmacy.

Enter the first few letters of a medication

Choose a strength if required

Enter as much info about the medication as you have then click "Continue"

ePrescribe by clicking "Prescribe"

Choose the pharmacy from the list

Enter the Rx

1. Choose a "Favorite"

2. Search for a med

3. Add Allergies or Problems (optional)

Enter the specifics of the Rx then


1. Dr enters password and clicks on Send.


2. Staff click on Send and Dr can log in later to see all pending rx's and send them.


3.When finished click the red "Done" button in the top right corner.

In this case the staff has entered the data and the doctor needs to sign for it (notice that the Pataday has not been added to the list since it has not been signed by the Dr.).  To sign pending RX, click "pending/signing"

If this is the case, the Dr can sign for any pending Rx or refill request, enter the Rx password, then click "send"

Results are shown at the top, click Done (top right)

All meds show up and the Rx list tab shows meds prescribed by your office.

Items synced with the website are green, those that are not are red.

1. Refills are notifications from a pharmacy that a patient is requesting a refill. Click the button to look at them and sign them.

2. Pending/Sign allows a doctor to finish and sign incomplete prescriptions entered by the staff.