OD Link Manual Set Up for New UserHow do I change my office preferences?

How do I change my office preferences?

How to set up your office preferences.

Preference > Set Up > Setup Checklist

OD Link support will do most of the "Set up" tab items for you, or help you if you want to do it yourself. Please note the "Do Not" list (arrow) and click through the other tabs to read over and customize various items.

Preference > Office Basics

Preference > Office Basics

Enter your office's phone, fax, tax ID and tax rate (if applicable).  

Recall New Pts will auto populate a 12 month recall for brand new patients that do not show up for their appointment.  Recall default will set your most common recall time and will auto populate recall for patients if you do not set a recall at time of appointment.  

Rx and CL expire will set expiration date for prescriptions.  

Zip codes (blue button) will make it easier for staff to enter patient's address.  If you take time to set up your zip codes here, your staff will only have to type zip code into patient's screen and city/state will auto populate.  

Meds list is entered for you.  You do not have to do anything unless there is a new common med you use that is not in the list.  You can come here to add it.  

Scrub is asking if you would like to scrub for signature on file each time you send a claim.  You can choose to enter current date if that field is blank.  

Facilities is used if you see patients anywhere other than your office.  

Medicare group NPI number is for billing Medicare as a group.  Put your group NPI number here if applicable.  

Add or change zip codes

Use the + button of the Dup button to add new entries.

Preference > Office Basics > +Doctors

Preference > Office Basics > +Doctors

See separate lesson on adding and working with doctors.

Preference > Office Basics > Office Address/Information/Logo

Enter your clinic name, address, website and email.  Use arrows (when available) to push into other boxes.  You can also drag and drop to get information in all the boxes.  

You can drag and drop or copy and paste your office logo into the logo boxes.  They will print on various forms and layouts in OD Link.

Preference > Defaults and Settings

You can customize various items in this window.  (Mostly exam related settings).  

Preference > Spectacle Component Pricing

Enter as much as you can and get our help to finish. You can always enter lenses manually as well.  Spectacle Component Pricing lets you update most of your lens prices by applying changes to column A, B, and C.

Preference > Messages/Billing Defaults

Fill out boxes in this area that will print on statements, Rx's, etc.  

(1) Overdue billing message field will print on receipts/statements reminding the patient of your financial policy.  

(2) Disclaimer for visit field will print on all check in forms.

(3) Notes under glasses/contacts field will print on RX's that you print out.

(4) The Patient Education column will be used when you create education/reports for your patient.  This could be by printing report, emailing or texting.  To change this education, click on Edit.

(5) Communication/Recall field will be used when communicating with the patient.  Click on edit to change and add.  See additional lesson about communicating with the patient to understand more how this will be used.

(6) Billing messages are used when you print statements.  OD Link can track how old a balance is and how many statements you have sent to a patient.  Depending on how old the balance is, the message can change.  Fill out these 5 boxes according to what you want the message to be as the balance gets older.

This is all optional and you can edit it at any time later. These messages will be used when creating mail, email or text messages.  Click "Edit" to customize.  Use the "communication window" button inside each message to choose whether or not you want it to show up in the patient communication window.  This is your "quick" list of most used communications.

Preference > Email/Web Services

Preference > Email/Web Services

If you have accounts with any of these (vsp, eyemed etc) enter your username and password so that OD Link can interact with them. There is additional setup required.  Also enter your office email information to allow email and texting right out of OD Link.  Additional setup will be needed.  OD Link will help you get this working smoothly.

Preference > Locations

Preference > Locations

Call OD Link for any changes to this tab.  Do not make changes on your own.

Preference > HIPAA

Preference > HIPAA

This is your Hipaa statement.  You can customize this for your clinic.