OD Link Manual Recall and Patient CommunicationHow do I use two way texting in OD Link?

How do I use two way texting in OD Link?

Most patients prefer a text conversation to a short phone call.

Keep the web page open on your front desk computer so you can receive and reply to patient text messages.

Chatty requires a fairly current version of your web browser. If it does not work try updating your browser.

Your username and password are in VENDORS

You can also bookmark the Chatty website and save your password in your web browser.

The Chatty Text Number is unique for your office. You can publish it on your office's website.

Patient Window > Correspondence Window

1. You can edit the reply request for appointment reminder text messages.

2. You can omit the automatic suffix of the text message (office name and phone). You can customize your messages to include a custom suffix.

3. Edit or create messages (click communication)

4. Send the message

Chatty in the Calendar Window

Go to the date on the calendar you would like to confirm and push "Confirm via Chatty"  

After you push "Confirm via Chatty", Chatty will record a new status in the "Conf" column in the calendar.  "Text1" for the first text message sent.  "Text2" and "Text3" for additional.  "Email1", "Email2" and "Email3" for email reminders sent.  This way you can track how many reminders you have sent for this appointment.

To have Chatty check for replies from the patient

Click "Replies via Chatty" on any Calendar date.  Chatty will search patient replies that contain a "1" and "Text1".

If any replies are found that contain a "1" Chatty will then record "Chatty1" in the Conf column to indicate that this patient confirmed this appointment by replying the the text message with a "1".

When using the "Confirm via Chatty" button, Chatty will ignore any appointment with "X" or "Conf" in the Conf column.

Chatty Web Page

1. When you get a reply your browser chimes and the cell number and patient name shows up at the top in yellow (if the Patient is not in OD Link you will see their cell number only)

2. Click on the patient's name on the right to select the conversation

3. Type a reply and hit Enter/Return to send a message

See this lesson for more detailed instructions about the Chatty website

Send Recalls via Chatty

Generate the Recall List as usual with Run Recalls in upper left corner of Patient List View.

See this lesson on how to generate a recall list.

Click Export List as Excel.xls to the right.  You do not need Excel on your computer for this to work.

See this lesson on how to use Chatty Bulk Messages on the website to send the recall messages as text and/or email.   Chatty Bulk Messages is $25/month and these messages do count toward the total per month.